Operations & maintenance

Planned operations and maintenance

Scan Tech Fornybar is a leading provider of specialist inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services for offshore assets around the world. Our expertise increases operational efficiency, reduces downtime and maintains cost-effectiveness at our customers’ assets.

Services include:

  • Balance of plant
  • Subsea IRM
  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Cable inspection and repair
  • Diving & ROV
  • CP replacement

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Balance of Plant (BoP)

Our solution combines all typical scheduled maintenance tasks, sometimes referred to as balance of plant (BoP) services, through a single turnkey asset management partner, saving time & money, improving safety, and mitigating risk.

Our pre-emptive operations and maintenance strategy eliminates waste, reduce variations, and combines preventative maintenance tasks. We challenge the expected cost base across the lifetime of an offshore wind farm and develop an optimal plan for operations and maintenance, and apply engineering innovation to yield real cost savings.

Our proven model provides a comprehensive range of in-house capabilities, ensuring the safe, timely and cost-effective delivery of complex projects.


  • Topside inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Ship-to-turbine oil change
  • OFTO operations and maintenance
  • Confined space entry
  • Davit and nacelle crane inspection, servicing, repair and change out

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Subsea IRM

We specialise in inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of subsea and inshore assets, including offshore renewables structures, cabling and vessels.

Our capabilities are constantly developing in line with our customers’ needs, putting us at the forefront of the market in providing innovative solutions that are efficient and effective.

Dive teams and ROVs perform inspections from splash zone to seabed, using certified personnel to plan, co-ordinate and carry out a wide range of inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) surveys.

Multi-skilled, our teams perform maintenance and repair tasks to prevent or address observed deterioration.

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Blade inspection & repair

Blade Inspection & Repair

As WTGs increase in size and located further offshore in harsher environments, new techniques for offshore blade inspection, preventative maintenance, and repair technology are required.

We deliver blade inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services to identify and repair damage, excessive wear and any other potential issues that affect performance. Our in-house products and services for complex blade repair (including blade bubble and specialist platforms), leading edge protection and UV curing method, all focus on reducing time on asset and cost.

  • Platform deployment
  • Composite technology
  • Blade inspection
  • Standard / complex blade repair
  • Leading edge protection
  • Blade repair training
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Cable inspection & repair

Scan Tech Fornybar provides cable survey services to assist with fault diagnosis, preventing future problems by recommending and employing suitable remedial strategies such as scour protection, cable repair, cable maintenance and cable protection.

With the resources and knowledge required to find and fix faults efficiently, we complete projects within agreed time, cost, and quality parameters.

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Diving & ROV

Scan Tech Fornybar is highly experienced in cable-specific diving and ROV projects, working with customers to design, refine and develop equipment and techniques to deliver efficient diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) cable solutions.

With over 30 years' experience providing bespoke, industry-leading solutions, JF Renewables has delivered a wide range of cable solutions for renewable energy assets, including pioneering tidal energy projects.

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CP replacement

Cathodic Protection (CP) is essential to protect the integrity and longevity of Offshore Assets. Experienced in the installation of both Sacrificial (SACP) and Impressed current (ICCP) internal corrosion protection, Scan Tech Fornybar pride ourselves on our ability to provide a full turn-key solution for the engineering, detail design, procurement, installation and commissioning of retrofit CP.

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